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      The main purpose of hardness testing of stamping materials is to determine whether the annealing degree of the purchased metal sheet is suitable for the subsequent stamping process. Different kinds zhuzaojg.37ix.com.cnwww.baodingyasi.cnwww.bdkongyaji.com.cnwww.jinzhongbanjia.cnof stamping www.baodingjiaju.com.cnwww.hupomuju.com.cnprocess require different hardness levels of sheet metal. Aluminum alloy sheet used for stamping can be tested by Wechsler hardness tester. When the thickness of material is more than 13mm, it can be changed to Barkholder hardness tester. Pure aluminium or low hardness aluminium alloy sheet should be used Barkholder hardness tester.
      在沖壓件行業里,沖壓有時也稱板材成形,但略有區別。所謂板材成型是指用板材、薄壁管、薄型材等作為原材料進行 塑性加工的成形方法統稱為板材成形,此時,厚板方向的變形一般不著重考慮。
      In the stamping industry, stamping is sometimes called sheet metal forming, but it is slightly different. The so-called sheet metal forming refers to the forming method of using sheet metal, thin-walled tube, thin section as raw materials for plastic processing, which is collectively called sheet metal forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of thick plate is generally not taken into account.



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