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      1) stamping in automobile industry. Deep drawing is the main method. In our country, this part mainly concentrates in automobile factory, tractor factory, aircraft manufacturer and other large factories. Independent large-scale stamping and drawing plants are rare.
      (2) stamping of parts and components in automobile and other industries. It is mainly formed by punching and shearing. Many enterprises in this sector belong to scale parts factories, and some independent stamping factories. At present, there are many such small factories near some automobile factories or tractor factories.
      (3) Electrical parts stamping plant. This kind of factory is a new industry, which develops with the development of electrical appliances. This factory mainly concentrates in the south.
      (4) Stamping plant for daily necessities. Do some crafts, tableware, etc. These factories have also made great progress in recent years.
      (5) Stamping Plant for Household Appliance Parts. These factories are in our country after the chengdu.89ix.com guizhou.89ix.comkunming.89ix.com hangzhou.89ix.comnanchang.89ix.comguangzhou.89ix.comdevelopment of household appliances, most of them are distributed in household appliances enterprises.
      (6) Special stamping enterprises. For example, stamping of aviation parts belongs to this kind of enterprise, but these craft factories also belong to some large factories.



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