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      (1) The stamping parts designed must meet the requirements of product usage and technical performance, and can be easily assembled and repaired.
      (2) The stamping parts designed must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, and reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible. In the case of permissible use of low-cost materials, as far as possible to make parts without waste and less waste blanking.
      (3) The stamping parts designed must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure, so as to simplify the die structure and the number of working procedures, that is, to complete the whole part www.biaozhigan.net.cnwww.diandongmenc.cnwww.fenshaolu.net.cnwww.fenshaolu.org.cnprocessing www.zjkdiandongmen.cnwww.xinhaodenggan.cnwith the least and simplest stamping process, reduce the re-processing by other methods, and be conducive to stamping operation, facilitate the organization of mechanized and automated production, and improve labor productivity.
      ⑷設計的沖壓件,在保證能正常保定平面設計培訓 保定室內設計培訓 保定空調移機 保定太陽能維修 保定廚房排煙 雄安管道通風 使用情況下,盡量使尺寸精度等級及表面粗糙度等級要求低一些,并有利于產品的互換,減少廢品、保證產品質量穩定。
      _The stamping parts designed in this paper, in order to ensure the normal use of the stamping parts, try to make the size accuracy and surface roughness level requirements lower, and is conducive to product interchange, reduce waste products and ensure product quality stability.



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