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      散熱片加工沖壓件材料的選用條件及硬度檢測方式: 有一大部分不銹鋼外殼屬于沖壓件,因為它是通過沖壓工藝制造而成的,除了工藝的要求外,對于材料選擇也給出了相應的條件。材料的厚度、性質等都將影響沖壓中各個參數的設置,從而決定了沖壓件的成型質量。
      Selection conditions and hardness testing methods of stamping materials for heat sink processing: a large part of stainless steel shell belongs to stamping parts, because it is manufactured by stamping process. In addition to process requirements, the corresponding conditions for material selection are also given. Thickness and properties of materials will affect the setting of parameters in stamping, which determines the forming quality of stamping parts.
      In addition to the stamping material with stainless steel shell, the elastic discharging plate should be used as far as possible in the actual design, because the operation of the elastic discharging die is more convenient than that of the fixed discharging die, and the operator can see the feeding action of the strip in the die. Moreover, the elastic discharging plate exerts a flexible force on the strip during discharging, which will not damage the surface of the workpiece. Generally speaking, only when the unloading force of the elastic discharging plate is insufficient, the fixed discharging plate will be used when making stamping parts.



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